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PayGo FancyFree – An Overview

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PayGo FancyFree - An Overview

Inventory can sometimes be difficult to keep track of from behind a computer. Luckily, PayGo has a simple and portable solution, and that solution is FancyFree.

FancyFree is a powerful inventory tool that can be easily installed on your iPhone or iPad to integrate with your PayGo software. It updates in real time so you can keep track of your inventory from anywhere, and its simple and intuitive interface makes a great fit for your entire operation.

FancyFree’s Menu Screen consists of four buttons, as well as a drop-down field that allows you to choose which of your stores you will be working on inventory with. If you aren’t sure about what each button or screen does, you can click the speech bubble icon in the top right corner of every screen, and it will explain each function. 

SpotCheck Inventory

This button will take you to a screen where you can search for inventory in your stores. To do so, you can either click the Find Item via Scan button, which will take you to your device’s camera so you can scan a barcode, or you can use the search bar to search for an inventory item.

When an item has been selected through either method, you will be brought to a screen that will show you basic information about the item. From this screen, you can see or edit information such as the item name, department, vendor name (which you can choose from a drop-down list of vendors that have been entered in your PayGo software), vendor SKU, UPC, and price. You can also view or import an item’s picture and adjust inventory numbers.

Scan & Count

This button will take you to a screen where you can take inventory of all of your items. To do so, you can either scan an item’s barcode using the Scan Item button, or search for an item by using the Search field. There is also a Menu button above the Search button that will pull up all of your recent inventory items.

To record inventory, count the number of each item and enter it into the item’s count field. Underneath this field, you will see the amount of each item that is supposed to be in your inventory.

Receive with Scanner

This button takes you to a screen where you can receive items from a purchase order. To do so, you can scan an item to receive, which will bring up the purchase order it is from, or you can either search for a purchase order or choose one from the list on the screen. From there, you can check in the order by entering the number of items sold as well as any items that may be on back order. When you are done, all changes to the purchase order will be saved automatically, and you are able to post the order as being received through your PayGo POS software.

PO Builder

FancyFree allows you to create and build purchase orders from your mobile device. The PO Builder button takes you to a screen where you can either scan or search for items you would like to add to a purchase order. You can also add inventory items you haven’t previously ordered by clicking the Plus button at the top of the screen. A purchase order will be automatically generated for the vendor you are ordering from. All the items you scan in will be automatically added to the purchase order being built for that vendor. When you are done, the purchase order will be automatically saved, and you are able to post the order through your PayGo POS software.

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