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Online Order Fulfillment

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Online Order Fulfillment

PayGo uses the simple functionality of WooCommerce for its online shopping cart solution, and that simplicity extends to order fulfillment. With just a few simple clicks, you can get your online orders out the door and to your satisfied customers.

Checking for Open Orders

To check for new online orders, click the Orders button on your central Sales screen. This will open a sub-menu, where you will click the Check for Web Orders button. When you do this, a dialog box will pop up telling how many New Orders you might have, as well as any orders that might be On Hold. Clicking OK will close the dialog box. Clicking the Show Open button in this dialog box will take you to an Invoice List screen, where you can view all of your web open orders.

Filling a PayGoCart Order

When you select an order to fill, you’ll be taken to the Order Fill – Web Open Order screen. On the top of this screen, you will see several buttons.

Close: This will exit the current invoice and return to the Sales Screen.

Cancel Order: This will cancel the current invoice order.

All Cust (customer) Orders: This will show you the customer’s shopping history, including online and in-store sales.

Credits: This will show you if the customer has any existing in-store credits or gift certificates that could be applied to the sale.

Add Shipping: This will allow you to add a shipping charge to the order. When you click this button, a dialog box will pop up and prompt you to enter the shipping price for the customer, and the shipping cost to you. This will be added onto the invoice.

Move to Other: This will allow you to move selected invoice items to a different invoice. To do this, you must first select an item from the list by checking the box to the right of each invoice item that you would like to move. When the Move to Other button is clicked, A dialog box will pop up and ask you if you would like to either copy or move the item in question to a different invoice. When the action is completed, another dialog box will show you the invoice ID number of where you moved the item.

Create POs: This will allow you to create a purchase order based on an item on the invoice. To do this, you must first select an item from the list by checking the box to the right of each invoice item you would like to create a purchase order for. Clicking this button will take you to the PO Creation screen.

Order Notes: This is where you can add any relevant notes about the order.

Packing Slip: Clicking this will print a packing slip for the order.

Print/Email: This will allow you to print out or email records for the order.

Apply Payment: This is where you can apply any payment for an outstanding balance to the order. Normally, a payment will be posted when the order is submitted online, but this can be used for any additional charges that might be incurred.

Flag as Complete: This will flag the order as completed.

Close Out: This will close out the order.

There are four information boxes across the top of the screen.

The first is the Customer box, which is where you will find shipping and billing information for the customer. Shipping information for the customer is located in the Ship To tab, and billing information is located in the Bill To tab.

Next is the Invoice Information box, which contains important information for the current invoice. The Info tab contains the invoice’s Web Order ID, and this is where you can set the Print Output preferences (you are able to choose from an Email receipt, a Full Page printout, a store Receipt, or a PDF file). You can also update the Order Status in this tab, with a drop-down menu choices of On-Hold, Processing, Completed, Cancelled, or Refunded.

NOTE: When you change the order status, be sure to hit the Update button to the right of the drop-down box to update the invoice’s status and inventory change on your PayGoCart site!

In the Coupons tab, you’ll be able to see any coupons the customer used on their order as well as the discount they received. The Payments tab shows you which payment methods the customer used, along with the date the payment was posted.

The last information box is the Totals box, which will tell you all payment information for the order. This will include the subtotal, any discounts or taxes that were applied to the sale, shipping costs, and any payments that have already been applied to the sale.

The bottom half of the Order Fill – Web Open Order page is where you will see the items that the customer has purchased. The items are listed along with their Quantity ordered, the Item ID and Item Name, the item’s cost Amount, any Tax that has been applied to the item, any Discounts that have been applied, any customer Points that have been accumulated because of the item, and the Extended price. You can also see how many of the ordered item are OnOrder, OnHand, or OnHold. In addition, you can click on the Speech Bubble icon in the item’s line to add notes or instructions that might be applicable to the order.

Filling an Online Order

To show in your PayGo system that an item has been picked for shipping, click under the Pick category on each individual line item (it will be blank before you click it). Clicking here will automatically add a 1 under the Pick status, as well as a 0 under BO (back order) and Remain, and the date that the item was picked.

If an item is back ordered, click under the BO in the individual line item. This will automatically add a 1 under the BO status, as well as a 1 under Remain. There will not be a date under the Pick Date category, because the item was not shipped.

If you have any notes on the item being picked, you can click under the Pick Notes category on each individual line item (it will be blank before you click it) to leave a short note.

If you would like to add tracking numbers for individual items, click the Box icon near the end of each line item. A pop-up box will ask you to enter the tracking number for the item.

Closing Out an Online Order

To flag an item as complete, click the Flag as Complete button in the top right corner of your Open Fill – Web Open Order screen. This will complete the order, meaning that it has been filled and is ready to be shipped out and posted.

To close the order out, click the Close Out button in the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to the Payment screen, where you can either put the order on Hold, or you can post the order by clicking either Post No Print, or the Post & Print buttons in the top right of the screen.

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