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Need Training? PayGo offers Training Packs

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Need Training? PayGo offers Training Packs

Opening a store is exciting! So is making changes that help your store work better in the marketplace. When you choose a point of sale system for your new or existing business there’s a lot to learn about its functionality. We have staff dedicated to training busy retailers and their staff on all that PayGo’s POS is capable of. Training is interactive and tailored to meet your store’s needs. One of our training team members can present to one or to as many of your staff members as you would like via meeting software with screen sharing technology.

Our training packs may be purchased in 2 hour increments. Here’s how some of our customers use those 2 hours:

– An initial overview of what your store staff needs to know for hour one. Then in a week or so, an hour spent going over questions that have come up after going live with PayGo’s POS.
– One hour spent with the key players (owners, managers, those who will be training others) on all of the functionality they will be using. Followed by an hour session focused cash register and other functions that will be performed by the sales staff.
– Use 2 hours at once going through the operations the store is most interested in and discussing different scenarios that can occur given your store’s unique situations and needs.

Need more training? Additional training packs are always available. For pricing, please contact us at 866-545-7047 ext.1, LiveChat us or email

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