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How Do I Add Ingredients for Restaurant Item Substitutions and Modifications to My PayGo Software?

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PayGo wants to make it easy for your guests to add, subtract or substitute all different kinds of ingredients on their restaurant orders. But how do you add all of your available substitutions or modifications to your software? 

Setting Available Modifications

Ingredients for modifications are set per Department. This way, you don’t have to go into every one of your menu items and add each individual substitution.

To add your ingredients or other modifiers, you must first locate the proper department (accessible via the Departments button on your central Products screen). Select the department by clicking the Arrow button to the left of the Department name.

Within your department’s Department Setup screen, click the Modifiers tab.

Within the Modifiers tab, you can add each modification or substitution along with it’s Sort preference (the order of the buttons presented within the Notes screen when a guest orders the modification). Add a new modifier by clicking the open field under the Modifier column.

When you’re finished adding modifiers, click Save & Close.

Note: Within the Notes screen when an order is modified, your options will include No ingredient, Add another ingredient, Extra of a certain ingredient, Substitute one ingredient for another, or add an Allergy Alert to the order.

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