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Unlocking a Gift Card/Certificate or Instore Credit

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Sometimes, a customer will attempt to use a gift card for a purchase and then abandon the transaction. This can result in a locked gift card, making it unable to be used for another transaction. There may also be times where a gift certificate has to be voided or disabled. Luckily, you can easily lock and unlock a gift card with a few simple steps.

Note: Although a gift card is described in this article, this locking and unlocking method will apply to gift cards, gift certificates and in-store credits if you choose to use PayGo’s default product IDs (listed below). For more information on default products, see PayGo’s Default ID Numbers

Locking and Unlocking a Gift Card

To lock or unlock a gift card, you must first locate it in your PayGo software. You can do so by clicking the Menu > Products button on any of your central screens. Next, search by one of the IDs (see below) to pull up your Certificate Inventory record.

  • The default Gift Certificate product ID is 994 
  • The default Gift Card product ID is 999
  • The default In-Store Credit product ID is 997

This will bring you to the Gift Certificates/Gift Cards/In Store Credit page. On this page, you will see a list of all your existing gift cards in the Records Issued box. Within this box, you can also see which gift cards have been locked by looking under the Lock icon to the right of each line item. If the box has an X in it, the gift card is locked. Locate your gift card on this list, and check or uncheck the Lock box on its line. This will immediately lock or unlock the gift card.

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