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Location Transfers

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Location Transfers

One of the advantages of having a multi-store network is that you can transfer stock and inventory between your stores as demand dictates. But somtimes, it can be difficult to track these transfers. Your PayGo software lets you track all of your inventory transfers, with just a few clicks! 

Creating a Transfer

To start a transfer to another store, open your central Products screen, accessed via the Menu.

At the top of the screen, click the Adjust/Transfer button. This will open a sub-menu, where you can click the Location Transfers button.

Additionally, you can access the Location Transfers button on the left side of your Admin & Settings screen. Both of these actions will open the Inventory Transfers screen.

On the Inventory Transfers screen, you’ll see a record of all incoming and outgoing transfers within your store network based on locations and dates that can be set at the top of the screen. Incoming and outgoing inventory transfers are organized by Transfer In/Out ID, Store ID, the transfer’s Create Date, and its Status.

To create a new transfer, click the New button at the top of your screen. This will open the Inventory Transfer Out screen.

On this screen, you can use the Scan/Search Item field to search for or scan inventory IDs. The items you select will appear in the Inventory box below, organized by stock amounts, vendor and manufacturer, and cost. Quantity can be set next to the Scan/Search Item field, or in the Qty (quantity) column. You can also search for inventory by clicking the Find Inventory button at the top of the screen.

The Transfer From field at the top of your screen will be automatically set to your current store location, and you can select the store location you are transferring items to in the Transfer To field.

When all items are entered, click the Post Transfer button at the top of the screen. This will mark the Transfer Out as complete on your end, and the transfer will be marked as a Pending Transfer for the store receiving the items. You can choose to print out a Transfer List for your records.

Receiving a Transfer

To receive a transfer from another store, click the Location Transfers button in either the central Products screen or Admin Central. This will bring you to the Inventory Transfers screen. Select the transfer you’re receiving in the Incoming Transfers box by clicking it’s Magnifying Glass icon. This will open the Inventory Transfer In screen. You will see a list of all items being transferred to your store, organized by quantity, item name and ID, vendor and manufacturer information, and cost.

When you have verified that all items in the transfer have been transported to your store, click the Post Transfer button at the top of the screen. This will transfer all items into your store inventory records and mark the transfer as Closed.

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