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PayGo’s List Entry Function for New Inventory

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PayGo's List Entry Function for New Inventory

Do you have a lot of inventory to add, but not a lot of time to do it? No problem! PayGo’s List Entry function allows you to add multiple products into one screen! In the List Entry screen, you can add multiple  items with their basic information such as product name, vendor and cost, without having to open the Inventory screen for each new addition. 

Utilizing the List Entry Function

You can find the List Entry function when entering new inventory into your PayGo Software. To access this feature, you must be in your central Products screen, accessed via the Menu.

Click the New Product button at the top of your Products screen. This will open an Inventory Quick Add screen.

Click the List Entry button at the top of the Inventory Quick Add screen. This will open the Inventory List Add screen.

On this screen, you can add each item’s Name, UPC, Manufacturer/Distributor’s Item ID and the Vendor you purchase from, as well as the item’s SKU, Department, Class, Category, Style, Size, Color, and Starting amounts as well as inventory minimums and maximums. There are fields for the item’s Cost and Price at the end of each line item, as well as function buttons for each line item:

Duplicate an Item: Shown as the Plus button, clicking this will create a new entry that is an identical copy of the item. The new entry can be changed and edited, making it useful for adding many similar items to your software.

Print Labels: Shown as the Label button, clicking this will let you print labels for the item. When clicked, you will be asked how many labels to print. Labels will be printed on your set default label type.

Add Product Image: Shown as the Picture button, clicking this will let you upload an image of the product from your computer.

Delete an Item: Shown as the Trash button, clicking this will permanently remove the item from your list and inventory records.

Matrix: by clicking the square at the end of each line item, you will create a matrix for that item.

When you are finished adding all information, click the Save button at the top of the screen. This will create an Inventory entry with a unique Item ID for each product added to your software. Note: This may take some time depending on how many items you’ve added on this screen! When all items have been saved, you will see a message on your screen stating that all items were added correctly.

Locating New Inventory

To find your new items, you can perform a search for them in your central Products screen or Menu. Alternately, you can click the List Products button at the top of your central Products screen to view and select your new items from a list.

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