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Linking a Workstation Profile to an Employee Record

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Linking a Workstation Profile to an Employee Record

A workstation profile must be assigned to any employee who wants to access PayGo via WebDirect. To assign a workstation profile to an employee, please do the following:

To link a workstation to an employee profile, you must first access the employee’s record. To do so, click the Menu button at the top of any Central Screen and select Admin Central. This will open your Admin & Settings screen.

On your Admin & Settings screen, click the Employees button. This will open the Employee List screen. Either select the employee you’d like to link the workstation profile to, or click the New Employee button to create a new employee.

Within the Employee screen, click the Workstation Profiles tab at the bottom of the screen. Within this tab, you can select the preferred workstation for your employee from a drop-down list, along with the store site.

When you’re finished, click Save & Close. Your changes will be saved.

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