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Invoice Settings

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Invoice Settings

Your PayGo software can be easily configured to suit your preferences, from invoice popups to screen selections. Within your Workstation Setup screen, you will find all kinds of ways to make your software suit you! Parameter settings can be set within the Settings tab of your Workstation Setup screen, accessible via your Admin Central screen. This article will cover the parameters set within the Invoice option.

Invoice Parameter Settings 

param_allow_pricechange_on_sale: This yes/no setting will allow you to change the price of an item while on your sales screen.

param_always_start_new_window: This yes/no setting will control whether your software will open a new window when creating a new sale. Note: This does not apply to WebDirect users.

param_assign_gc_option: When you sell a gift card or gift certificate, this yes/no setting will prompt an offer to assign the gift card or certificate to a PayGo customer, thereby adding the gift card to the recipient’s Customer Profile.

param_change_due_time: This setting will dictate how long (in seconds) the Change Due window will appear after a sale is posted.

param_consignor_sale_alert: This yes/no setting will send an automated email to your consignors every time one of their items has been sold.

param_cust_bday_warning: This yes/no setting will set an alert during a customer’s birth month when the customer makes a purchase. Customer must be set up in your Customer Profiles and added to the sale for the alert to appear.

param_cust_note_warning: This yes/no setting will open a Note Field alert whenever a customer is added to an invoice, allowing the cashier to easily add a note for the customer to the invoice.

param_invoice_scan_beep: This yes/no setting will set whether your software will make a “beep” when an item is added to an invoice.

param_invoice_tab_search_pref: When searching for an item to add to a sale, this setting will set when a search is triggered – when you exit either the Item or Quantity search fields.

param_popup_qty_default: This setting will set the default amount when an item triggers a Quantity entry popup when added to an invoice.

param_req_sales_person: This yes/no setting will set whether a salesperson will be required on an invoice when posting a sale.

param_run_tasks_on_server: This yes/no setting will force your software to run on the PayGo server when adding an item to an invoice and posting an invoice.

param_sales_screen: This setting will set which Sales Screen will be used when making a sale. This option is primarily set as the Workstation Type option within the Workstation tab on your Workstation Setup screen.

param_show_margin_on_quote: When preparing a quote, this yes/no setting will set whether the margin/cost will be shown to the customer on the quote.

param_suggest_previous_sales: This yes/no setting will set whether a customer’s recent sales history will pop up when adding the customer to a sale. The pop-up sales history allows you to add a previously-purchased item to a sale with one click.

param_use_alt_size: This yes/no setting will set whether an Alt Sizing (alternate sizing options) window will pop up on an invoice when selling an item with alternate sizing set within the item’s Product screen.

param_use_repair_modules: This yes/no setting will set whether a Repairs module will be accessible on this workstation.

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