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Importing Vendor and Manufacturer Information into PayGo

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Importing Vendor and Manufacturer Information into PayGo

If you keep your vendor and manufacturer information organized on a document file, don’t worry about transferring it all into your software by hand! PayGo’s Import Buddy will help you transfer all of your important data without all the time and hassle of manual entry. 

Note: In order to transfer your information, it must be saved into the appropriate document format. Recommended files for import include:

    • Tab-separated text document (.tab or .txt)
    • Comma-separated text document (.csv or .txt)
    • Microsoft Excel document, preferably single sheet (.xls)

Preparing Your File for Import

Performing imports of vendor and manufacturer information is relatively easy in PayGo. If your information is saved on the source files listed above, preparing the file for import will consist of ensuring formatting your information properly. A popular (but not required) format for vendor and manufacturer information is as follows:

Note: the label for each item is listed first, followed by the actual field name in PayGo.

Vendor Information Spreadsheet

Vendor Name: Vendor_Name

Address: Address

City: City

State: State

Zip: Zip

Country: Country

Email: Email

Phone Number: Phone Number

Fax Number: Fax Num

Vendor or Manufacturer? (3.5 only): Record_Type

Note: you want to have your file say either “Vendor” or “Manufacturer” in it for this field to distinguish your vendors from your manufacturers. However, this is not a required designation and can be set manually later.

-You can prepare your file in advance by making the first line of your excel or text file be our field names (the second name listed in the above text) above the columns of data. In a tab-separated or comma-separated text document, the field names would be the first line, then a tab (or comma) then another field name, etc. all the way across the first line of your file.

Importing Data

Once your information is properly formatted, you can import it into PayGo. To do so, open your central Vendors screen, accessed via the Menu. In your Vendors screen, click the List Vendors button at the top of the screen. This will open the Vendor List screen.

You can also import your consignment vendors through the Import function. To do so, click the List Consignors button at the top of your central Consignment screen, accessible via the Menu. This will open your Vendor List screen for your consignors. The following steps will apply to both vendors and consignors.

 At the top of your Vendor List screen, click the Export/Import button. A message will appear asking if you would like to export or import information. Click Import.

Note: A message will appear reminding you to make sure the checkbox for “perform auto-enter options while importing” IS checked when the Import Options box comes up. This option will automatically generate relevant information such as vendor IDs, serial numbers and other relevant data. You will have this option pop up as the last dialog box after you have coordinated all of your data for import.

A file window will appear asking for the location of your source vendor file we made earlier in the document. Locate this file and click Open. If you notice your file is not showing, make sure that the “File Types” box (on Windows) below shows “All Files (*.*)” Opening your file will lead you to the Import Field Mapping screen, where you will coordinate your document field names (on the left panel) with the field names in your PayGo software (on the right panel). On the bottom of this window, there is a checkbox that says Don’t Import First Record (Contains Field Names). If you have coordinated your files with the first line noting field names as laid out above, you can select this checkbox.

Underneath the source and target fields, you will see a drop-down field labeled Arrange By: where you will select Matching Names. This should match up your source and target fields. If it does not, there is also a set of buttons below labeled << and >> which allow you to scroll through a few sample records to see if your data matches up.

Be sure each field you’d like to import has the  Right Arrow icon between the source and target fields.

Note: If after all these steps your field names still don’t line up with PayGo’s, and you’ve double-checked your original source file, don’t worry! You can drag the PayGo fields up and down the screen to match with your own by locating the correct field, and clicking and dragging with the Up/Down arrow icon.

When you are finished, click Import. This will open the Import Options dialog box, with the “Perform auto-enter options while importing” from above. Be sure the box for this IS checked before continuing.

Your PayGo software will import your data. When it is finished, you will see an Import Summary window which will tell you the status of all of your imports.

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