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How To Setup Your iOS Device to Connect to PayGo FancyFree

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How To Setup Your iOS Device to Connect to PayGo FancyFree

The PayGo FancyFree app is a nifty little tool which uses the FileMaker Go 16/17 App to do all that it does. It’s a file which needs to be installed on your PayGo host computer. (This will be done by a PayGo tech.)

The file is then hosted up on your PayGo Host and you use the FileMaker Go App on your iOS device to access it over your network. NOTE: At this time, the PayGo FF app and data does not reside on your iOS device but that may change in the future.

Getting Started

First, you must download the FileMaker Go 18 or 19 app from the App store on your iPhone or iPad.

Next, download the OpenFancyFree file ON to your iPhone or iPad. Do not download it to your computer… it won’t do anything for you there. (The OpenFancyFree file resides on your iOS device and essentially let’s you point your device to your PayGoFanceFree App)

Download the FancyFree opener HERE. Or, got to our web site and click on HelpDesk and look for the Download The FancyFree Opener icon. 

When on your iOS device, after clicking download, you will see:

When presented with this screen, click on “Open in FileMaker Go”

On First Open, you should see this:

Please enter the IP address of your Host computer. This can be found on the PayGo Menu Screen or the PayGo Sales Central Screen on your Host computer.

Typically, your PayGoFancyFree file name will ONLY need changing if your PayGo is hosted on our servers.

Once you’ve configured your opener, the PayGoFancyFree app should now launch. 

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