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How to Setup Paygistix Cloud in Your PayGo Point of Sale Software

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From your Admin Central screen (accessed via the Menu), click the Workstation Setup button.

Click the Settings tab near the top of the Workstation Setup screen to open up the Settings section. 

PayGo Workstation Setup Screen Default SettingsSelect Credit Card near the top of the Settings section. Fill in the Value fields for the following four Parameters (Param) in the list displayed when Credit Card has been selected in the Settings section:

  • param_cc_cloud_token – Enter the Token into the Value field across from this parameter. The Token is provided by Payment Logistics.
  • param_cc_device_serialnum – Enter the Serial Number into the Value field across from this parameter. The Serial Number is provided by Payment Logistics.
  • param_cc_type – In this field Mac users should select Paygistix Cloud from the drop down. Windows users should select Paygistix.
  • param_cc_url – WebDirect users must enter/select from the dropdown the link,, in the Value field across from this parameter.

PayGo Workstation Settings Screen

  1. Click on the Invoice tab near the top of the screen to go to the Invoice section.
  2. PayGo Workstation Setup Default Invoice Circle
  3. Change item number 25 (Credit Card Processing) to paygistix in the Invoice section.
  4. PayGo Workstation Setup Screen Invoice
  5. WebDirect users on Mac computers will need to click the CC Utility button. Note: If you do not see the CC Utility button, click the orange close button and enter workstations settings again.
  6. PayGo Workstation Setup CC Utility Button

Important Note for PayGo WebDirect Customers: PayGo WebDirect users must have a PayGo Spooler installed and configured by PayGo’s Support Team prior to integrating with Payment Logistics. When running PayGo WebDirect the PayGo Spooler MUST be running to process credit cards.

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