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How to Set a Sale Price For a Consignment Item Without Changing Commission Rates

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How to Set a Sale Price For a Consignment Item Without Changing Commission Rates

PayGo has the ability to track the sales of consignment items, and also the ability to help you track payment information for your consignors. Sometimes, a store owner wants to put merchandise on sale, but at the time of the sale, they want the commission to stay constant regardless of what an item is sold for. This can be easily set by setting the consignment cost method in your settings to figure in a consignor’s commission before the sale!

Setting Consignment Method

Open your Admin Central screen, accessed by the Menu button.

In your Admin Central screen, click the Company Setup button at the top of the screen.

On your Company Setup screen, click the Global Settings tab. 

In your Global Settings, type “consign” in the search field and click the Magnifying Glass button.

You will see your global settings options for consignment settings appear below the search field. Locate the param_consign_cost_method parameter option. You will see a drop-down field to the right of the parameter. Select the Before value.

Note: Selecting the After value will base the commission percentage for your consignor on the price the item is sold at, whether it’s a sale or retail price.

When you are finished, click the Close button. Your changes will be saved.

Note: This is a value in your Company Setup and Global Settings, so this change will be applied to all PayGo workstations in your network.

By setting this value, PayGo will always give the consignor their cut based on the original price and not based off of the discounted price.

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