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How to Print a Gift Receipt

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How to Print a Gift Receipt

There are times when you’re asked to print out the gift receipt for a purchase. This is easy to do with just one simple step!

Print a Single Gift Receipt

To print a gift receipt, you must first complete the transaction you’ll be printing the receipt for. When the sale is posted, click the View Invoice button. On your Invoice screen, click the Gift Receipt button. Your receipt will be printed.

Automatic Gift Receipt Prompts

If you get a lot of requests for gift receipts, you can set your software to automatically prompt for gift receipt printing after each transaction. To set up your software for this feature you must first access your Admin Central screen, via your Menu button. On your Admin Central screen, click the Workstation Setup button at the top of the screen. This will open your Workstation Setup screen.

On the Workstation Setup screen, click the Invoice tab. Then navigate down to option 15: When posting invoice, prompt for Gift Receipt. Select Y (yes) from thde drop-down box, and then click the Done button at the top of the Workstation Setup screen.

To print out a gift receipt for a sale, simply finish and post the transaction in your Sale screen like usual. When you post the sale, a pop-up box will ask if you’d like to print out a gift receipt. Click Yes, and a gift receipt for the entire order will print.

Note: if there are just a few items on the customer invoice you’d like to print a gift receipt for, be sure to select the items for the gift receipt on your Sale screen before closing the sale! To select items, click the Select box at the end of each line item on your Sale screen.

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