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How to Email Receipts to Your Customers Using PayGo EM

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Give your customers the option of receiving email receipts with PayGo EM. It’s better for the environment, better for your customer’s record keeping, and better for you (saves you money on paper and ink). 

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and use PayGo EM to send your customers simple, verified, html-based receipts using your PayGo Point of Sale software.

1. Access your Global Settings within PayGo’s Company Settings

PayGo 6.0: Click the Admin Central button on your Menu.

PayGo 6 POS Software Menu Dropdown Admin Central

This will take you to the Admin & Settings screen.

PayGo 6 POS Software Admin Screen

Next, click the Company Setup button at the top of your screen.

PayGo 6 POS Admin & Settings Screen Company SetupThis will open the Company Setup screen. PayGo 6 POS Company Setup ScreenNext, click on the Global Settings tab.

PayGo 6 POS Company Setup Screen Global Settings

PayGo 5.9: Click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu. Next, click the Company button. This will open the Company Setup screen.

PayGo 5.6 and Below: Click the Company Setup button on your Menu Screen.

2. Now that you’re in your Global Settings

In the Search field below the tab, type “mandrill” and click the Magnifying Glass icon.

PayGo 6 POS Company Setup Global Settings Mandrill

The following fields will need to be completed:

param_mandrill_api_key: Provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_url: Provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_template_receipt: This is where you set the template for your email receipts. It will be provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_subaccount: Provided by PayGo after registration.

param_mandrill_emailfrom: Enter the email address your receipts will be emailed from.

param_mandrill_from_name: Enter the store or company name that you want your customers to see on their receipts.

param_mandrill_active: Typing Y in this field will activate PayGo EM in your PayGo software.

param_mandrill_email_replyto: Enter the email address you’d like your customers to respond to, to request further assistance.

param_mandrill_template_event: This is where you set the template for your event and class emails. It will be provided by PayGo after registration. Purchase of PayGo EM Events is required.

param_mandrill_quote: This is where you set the template for your emailed quotes and will be provided by PayGo after registration. Purchase of PayGo EM Quotes is required.

param_mandrill_po: Not available at this time.

param_mandrill_event_reminder_days: Enter in the number of days prior to an event that you want a reminder to be sent to your customer.

param_mandrill_template_paygoconsign:  If you have PayGo Consign, this is where you set the template for your consignor emails. For more information on this feature, see PayGo Consign.

Once all of the relevant fields have been completed, click the close button at the top of  PayGo’s Customer Settings screen. Your changes will be saved.

PayGo 6 POS Company Setup Close Button

3. You’re now ready to email Sales Receipts from your PayGo Sales Screen

First, make sure you have your customer’s information entered in and associated with the sale. Check with your customer and make sure you have their current email address in your software. They might be missing out on sales and specials that matter to them if you don’t! Click here for instructions on how to enter and maintain your customer’s information in PayGo.

Next, select Email in the Print Output field on your Sales Screen.

Once the transaction has been completed, the receipt will be sent to the customer.

PayGo EM Email Receipt
Sample of an emailed receipt opened on a computer screen.


PayGo EM Email Receipt on Smartphone
Sample of an email receipt opened on a smartphone.

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