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How to create Loyalty Programs (aka Frequent Buyer Programs) in PayGo

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How to create Loyalty Programs (aka Frequent Buyer Programs) in PayGo

Reward your customers for shopping your store by setting up a loyalty program in PayGo POS.

In this article, you’ll learn loyalty program basics, including how to set up a loyalty program (aka frequent buyer program) in PayGo POS.

What is a customer loyalty program?

Loyalty programs reward customers for making purchases from your store. Customers can earn a gift card, admission to a class, or an item you sell. You can set up multiple loyalty levels in PayGo POS. Each level can be assigned its own reward based on accumulating points. Those points can be based on dollars spent, or the quantity of items purchased.  

How to Create a Loyalty (Frequent Buyer) Program in PayGo

First, click on Admin Central in PayGo’s Menu.Admin Central in Menu drop-down PayGo 6 POSNext, click on Frequent Buyer / Loyalty Program in the Admin Central screen.

PayGo 6 POS Admin & Settings Screen Frequent Buyer:Loyalty Program

Doing so, opens the Frequent Buyer Setup screen for creating a loyalty program in your PayGo POS software.

PayGo 6 POS Frequent Buyer Setup Screen for Loyalty Program

Numbered columns with fields in the Frequent Buyer Program screen:

1 – Level Name: Give each level of your frequent buyer / loyalty program a unique name.

2 – Target Point Total: The required amount of points a customer must accumulate to receive the level’s award.

3 – Prize Amount: Dollar value of the award.

4 – Gift Item ID: Item ID number of the gift being awarded. This can be anything in your inventory, including gift cards.

5 – Applies to Departments: You must select at least one department to apply to your frequent buyer / loyalty program. When you click on this field, the Specify Departments screen will open.

PayGo 6 POS Frequent Buyer or Loyalty Program Specify Departments Screen

Select which departments a customer can earn points for their purchases in. Have a boutique that sells clothing and accessories? Increase add-on sales by setting a loyalty program for accessory purchases.

6 – Point Accumulation Method: Select Use Retail to award points based on dollars spent. Select Use Qty to award points based on quantity of items purchased from this field’s drop-down.

7 – Award when item is on sale? When you put an item on sale, do you still want your customers to earn loyalty points for purchasing it? Select Y (Yes) or N (No).

8 – Step after Completion: What do you want the next step to be once your customer has earned a level’s award? You can move them to the Next Level, Repeat the current level, Start Over at the beginning level, Start Over at Zero points, or Stop.  

PayGo 6 POS Frequent Buyer : Loyalty Program Step After Completion

9 – Active? Set whether the frequent buyer / loyalty program active or inactive.

10 – Auto Start: Select box to automatically start the program for each customer.

When all fields in a line are entered, you can either set the next level of the program by repeating the above steps on the next line in the screen, or close out of the Frequent Buyer Setup screen. Your programs will be saved automatically.

Note: if you try to change an existing Frequent Buyer Program, the changes you made WILL NOT be applied automatically to your existing frequent buyer customers. If you need to make changes, submit a request to our Support Team through our Help Desk.

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