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How to Add New Employees to Your PayGo POS Software

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PayGo Point of Sale Software makes sorting, organizing and tracking your employees simple. Within one screen, you can define employee access settings, store basic employee information, and set up each employee’s individual login information.

In this article, you’ll learn how to add new employees to your PayGo POS software.

First, Access the Employee List Screen: 

PayGo 6.0: Click the Admin Central button on your Menu.

PayGo 6 POS Software Menu Dropdown Admin Central

This will take you to the Admin & Settings screen.

PayGo 6 POS Software Admin Screen

From there, click the Employees button in the top right corner.

PayGo 6 POS Admin & Settings Screen Employees Button

PayGo 5.9: Click the Settings & Options button on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu, where you can click the Employees button. This will open the Employee List screen.

PayGo 5.6 and Below: Click the Employees button on your Menu Screen.

This will open the Employee List screen, which has a list of all employees in your records sorted by last name. Each line will contain the employee’s last name, telephone number, login name, photo, and employment status, so long as you’ve entered the details into the Employee Record screen.

PayGo 6 POS Employee List

Now That You’re on the Employee List Screen

Click the New Employee button on the top navigation bar of the Employee List screen to access the New Employee screen.


PayGo 6 POS Employee List Navigation Bar New Employee

You can enter information about your new employee and establish settings for them in the New Employee screen.


PayGo 6 POS Employee Record Screen

Tabs and Entry Fields available in the New Employee screen

Information Tab

PayGo 6 POS New Employee Screen Information Tab

Set all basic information about your new employee in the Information tab of the New Employee screen. Fields available include: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Social Security Number, Address, Employee Status, Driver’s License, Emergency Contact Information, Phone Number(s), Email Address, Notes, Photo, Start Date, End Date, and Termination Reason.

The Employment Status field includes a drop-down list that includes Employee, Candidate, Terminated, Resigned or Transferred as options.

Security Levels Tab

PayGo 6 POS Employee Screen Security Levels Tab

Establish security (access) levels for your employees within the Security Levels tab. Name as many Security Groups as you like. In the example above, three security groups have been established: Employees, Floor Staff, and Admin.

To add a new security group, click the plus sign.

PayGo 6 POS Employee Add a new Security Group.

Name a new security group by typing in the field created. Then, click the pencil button to the right to select what the security group will have access to.

PayGo 6 POS Security Groups Edit

Once the pencil is clicked on, the following screen will come up:

PayGo 6 POS Employees Security Group

Click on the boxes associated with the areas you want the security group to have access to. Then, click the Save & Close button.

On the right hand side of the Security Levels tab, there is a dropdown field for specifying which security group the employee being entered should have access to.

PayGo 6 POS Employee Assigned Security GroupThe dropdown options will include all of the Security Groups created in your PayGo point of sale software. For example, since we’ve entered Employees, Floor Staff, and Admin, our dropdown options in the Assigned Security Group field looks like this:

PayGo 6 POS Assigned Security Group Admin, Employees, Floor Staff

Each person accessing PayGo must be assigned to a Security Group.


Accounts and Access

An Accounts and Access box is located halfway down the Information tab.

Note: When you are in the Security Levels, or Timecard Setup tab, the Accounts and Access box is not visible. 

PayGo 6 POS Employee Setup Accounts and Access Box Define Login


There are three tabs in the Accounts and Access box: Define Login Account, Workstation Profiles, and Menu Screen Buttons.

Define Login Account:

Create a login name, establish an access level, set a default hour type, and restrict an employee to a specific site in this section. For the Login Name field it may be wise to establish a naming standard among your employees, or to have them use one they will readily remember. Access Levels will need to be established in the Security Levels tab, before they can be selected from the dropdown in the Access Levels field.

Define Login Account: This is where you can create a Login Name and Access Level (access levels will be defined in the Security Levels tab). You can also set a Default Hour Type (hour types are defined in the Timecard Setup tab, which is explained below) and whether the employee is Restricted to Site, which means that the employee works entirely in only one of your stores (which can be selected from a drop-down list of all of your stores within your PayGo software). When the login name and access level type have been selected, click the Add Standard button. This will prompt a pop-up box asking if you would like to change the password for the login account. Click the Change button, and you will be able to enter an employee password. This tab is also where you can change login passwords by clicking the Change Login PW (password) or delete the employee’s login account by clicking the Delete Account button.

Workstation Profiles: This tab is where you can link a workstation profile to the employee. Workstation profiles can be viewed by clicking the List Workstations button at the top of your central Admin & Settings screen.

Menu Screen Buttons: This tab is only active if you have an older version of PayGo, and allows you to restrict an employee’s access to certain Menu functions. In all newer versions of PayGo, this can be accomplished though the Security Levels tab.


Time card Setup Tab

This is where you can set up what “jobs” the employee can perform on their time card. For instance, you can add such jobs as “inventory,” “administrative work” or “sales” to the Available Hour Types box, and those jobs will appear as selections on the employee’s time card. This way, you can track what jobs the employee is performing while they’re clocked in.

When you have entered all relevant information, click Save & Close. Your changes will be saved and the new employee can now sign in to your PayGo software. Need to enter several employees? Instead of clicking Save & Close, click the New Employee button in the top navigation bar of the screen. Want to delete your new employee? You can do that in the screen’s navigation area as well.

At the top of the screen, there is a New Employee button (which will take you to a new Employee Screen) and Delete Employee button (which will delete the current employee).

PayGo 6 POS Employee List Navigation Bar

Along the top of the Employee List screen, you’ll see a button for adding a New Employee, along with buttons to view all of your Active Staff or Inactive Staff members. You can also click the Sort button to utilize other sorting criteria for viewing.  You can omit certain employee records from the list without deleting them from your software by clicking the Omit icon at the end of each line item, or delete the employee record by clicking the Trash icon. Clicking the Arrow button to the left of each line item will allow you to view and edit information for that employee.



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