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How Do I Set Up Touchscreen Buttons for Products and Departments?

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How do I Set Up Touchscreen Buttons for Products and Departments?

Organizing your touchscreen buttons is a breeze with PayGo! You have the option of creating touchscreen buttons for items on your Sale screen, or you can take the organization even further by creating buttons for your departments as well.

Per Product

Within an item’s Product Screen, you will see three fields under the Vendor area, and directly above the product tabs.

Button Flag: This is where you can set the order your button will appear under the Items tab in on your Sale screen. This is set numerically. 

Button Color: You can select the button’s color from the drop-down field.

Button Name: This is where you can specify the name that will appear on your Sale screen.

Per Department

At the bottom of each department’s Department Setup screen, you will see two fields for Button Flag and Button Color.

Note: Do you want to add multiple buttons to your touchscreen Sale screen? Button Flags can be set quickly within your Departments screen, located by clicking the Departments button on your central Product screen and selecting List Departments. On your Departments screen, set button numbers within the fields under the Touch Button # column on the right side of the screen. 


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