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How Do I Set My Sales Tax Rate?

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PayGo offers the option of setting local and state taxes for single-site stores or multiple stores across multiple areas, as well as the options to set tax rates per department or site. To set your sales tax rates, you will have to access your company settings. To do so, do the following:

PayGo 6.0: Click the Admin Central button on your Menu, which will take you to the Admin & Settings screen. From there, you can click the Company Setup button at the top of your screen. This will open the Company Setup screen. 

PayGo 5.9: Click the Settings & Options on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu, where you can click the Company button. This will open the Company Setup screen.

PayGo 5.6 and Below: Click the Company Setup on your Menu Screen.

On your Company Setup screen, click the Tax Info tab. This will display all of your current tax information.

Tax Information for Single-Site Stores

In your Tax Info tab, there are two tax fields for single site stores. You can specify the name of the tax in Tax Title fields #1 and #2. (For instance, you might enter City Tax in #1 and State Tax in #2)

You can specify the tax rate in the Tax % Rate fields. Make sure you use the decimal equivalent to your tax rate. For instance, a 7% tax rate should be entered as .07. You can name your combined tax via the Title For Combined Tax field. You can set your tax as either Inclusive or Exclusive in the Tax Calculation Type field.

Now that you’ve established tax rates for your store, you’ll want to make sure you’re applying taxes to correct items (for instance, if you are in a state or area where certain types of products such as clothing or food aren’t taxed). You can set which type of tax will be applied to items in your Department Setup screen, within the Tax tab. For more information on setting up departments, see Adding Departments to PayGo.

Tax Information for Retailers with Multiple Stores with Multiple Tax Rates 

If you have multiple stores with multiple tax rates, click on the Define Tax Codes button. This will open the Tax Tables screen.

 To add a new tax to the table, click the New Tax button at the top of your screen. This will open the Tax Table Setup screen. 

In this screen, you can add the Tax Name, Tax Rates, and whether the tax you’re adding should be the Default tax applied for each sale in your software. If you’d like the tax you’re adding to be the default for a certain store location, you can set that in the Default Tax Code for Site field. You can select which way the tax will be applied to each invoice in the Calculation Method menu. If you’d like your PayGo software to automatically enter the customer tax setting, you can set your ZIP code or city/state information here as well.

When you’ve finished adding information, click Close. Your information will be saved automatically.

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