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How Do I Perform a Return Without a Receipt?

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If A customer would like to return an item with no receipt, you will have to search for the invoice record within your software. You can do this via the Search By fields on your central Sales screen, accessed via the Menu.  

You can also search for the invoice through the customer’s profile if they are registered within your PayGo customer accounts. First, locate the customer via the Search By fields or the List Customer function within your central Customer screen, accessed via the Menu. Within the Customer Screen, click the History button at the top of the screen to access the customer’s sale history and locate the invoice ID for the transaction in question. 

An alternate method of returning an item without a receipt is to add the item to a Sale Screen as if you were ringing the item up for a sale and then changing the item’s quantity to a negative number, such as -1. When this is done, a pop-up box will ask you if you’d like to process a return without a receipt. Click Yes to continue, and you will notice that the sales total will be a negative amount. From there, you can issue the customer refund based on your store policies.

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