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How Do I Back Up my PayGo Software?

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How Do I Back Up my PayGo Software?

It’s important to keep (and regularly update!) a backup file of your PayGo software in case of hardware failure or other disasters. This way, you won’t lose all of your records and have to start from scratch in a worst-case scenario.

To create a backup copy of your PayGo software, click the Admin Central button on your Menu. This will take you to the Admin & Settings screen. 

On this screen, click the Company Setup button at the top of the screen. This will open the Company Setup screen.

In the Company Setup screen, click the Utilities tab.

In the Utilities tab, click the Backup Files button. This will perform a backup of all of your PayGo files to the PayGo_Backups folder within your PayGo SP folder on your host system. NOTE: This backup can only be performed on a host computer. From there, you can move the backup files to a secure (and preferably off-site) location.

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