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Can I Add Food Allergy Information to Restaurant Orders?

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Food allergies are no joke, and PayGo wants to make sure you can keep any of your guests safe and away from all allergens. We’ve added a Note function that will alert your chefs to any potential food allergy issues right on the kitchen’s order. 

Adding Allergy Alerts to Checks

When an item has been added on your RestaurantTouch Sale screen, click the Note button (conversation bubble icon) for the ordered item. This will open the Notes screen for the item. At the bottom of the Notes screen, click the orange Allergy Alert button.

When the Allergy Alert button is clicked, the text ALLERGY will be added to the Modifiers box, allowing you to type in the guest’s allergy information. You can then add any relevant substitutions or other modifications to the order.  This information will be sent to the kitchen with the guest’s order.

Note: When an item has been modified in any way, the Notes button will change colors from orange to blue.

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