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“File Missing” Error on Mac OS While Connected to PayGo

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"File Missing" Error on Mac OS While Connected to PayGo

If you are using your PayGo software on a Mac OS, you may get an error message on your central screens stating that your files are missing even if you’re connected to the PayGo servers. This can be fixed in the following way:

  1. Clear the FileMaker Pro Client Cache 
  2. Close FileMaker Pro
  3. Click the Finder icon in your dock
  4. Hold the Command and Shift keys, then press the G key
  5. In the dialog that appears paste the following path:
  6. Click OK
  7. Ensure you have arrived at the correct location
  8. Select all the displayed folders and move them to the trash
  9. Empty the trash
  10. Attempt to connect again

If this doesn’t correct the problem, you can submit a ticket to the PayGo Help Desk.

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