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Exporting Vendor and Manufacturer Information Out of PayGo

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Exporting Vendor and Manufacturer Information Out of PayGo

Did you know you can export your vendor and manufacturer data out of PayGo and into a saveable local file? It’s easy!

The formats recommended for your target file are as follows (there are other formats available if the vendor you are using requires them, but here is a list of commonly used ones):

Tab-separated text document (.tab or .txt)
Comma-separated text document (.csv or .txt)
FileMaker Pro 12 (or above) document (.fmp12, .fmp## for current FileMaker version) 

Locating Your Vendor and Manufacturer Data

On your central Vendors screen (accessed via the Menu button), click the List Customers button at the top of the screen. This will open the Customers screen.

Note: You can also import consignment vendors through the Import function. To do so, click the List Consignors button at the top of your central Consignment screen, accessed via the Menu. This will open your Vendor List for consignors. The following steps will apply to both vendors and consignors.

Exporting Data

At the top of the Vendor List screen, click the Export/Import button. This will open a pop-up window asking if you’d like to Import or Export. Click the Export button to continue.

A File Explorer screen for your computer will open. Select the location and file type you would like to use for your export, name your file, and click the Save button.

Note: Depending on your selected file type, you may be asked to provide WorksheetAuthor or other types of information. This information is optional.

Field Order screen will open, which will allow you to select the information you will be exporting. To select an option for export, select the option on the left side of the screen and then click the Move button, or simply double-click your selection and it will be added automatically. To add all data options to your file, click the Move All button. You can reorder your fields by selecting and dragging fields up or down within your selection box. A popular (but not required) format for vendor or manufacturer information is as follows:

Note: the label for each item is listed first, followed by the actual field name in PayGo.

Vendor and Manufacturer Information Spreadsheet

Vendor Name: Vendor_Name
Address: Address
City: City
State: State
Zip: Zip
Country: Country
Email: Email
Phone Number: Phone_Number
Mobile Phone: Cel_Phone
Fax Number: Fax Num

When you have selected all of your fields, click the Export button. Your exported information will be saved to your specified location.

Tip: Would you like to only export certain vendor files? No problem! Simply use the Search bars located on your central Vendors or Consignment screen (or the Search buttons on your Menu) to locate the vendors you’d like to export. Your Find screen will have an Export/Import button at the top for exporting the selected files.

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