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Employee Reports

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Quick, accurate and up-to-date access to your store’s reports can be vital when running a business. PayGo makes sure you can easily access and print or save anyof your store reports for any period of time, all in easy-to-navigate windows.

This article will cover all of the areas where you can find your store’s Employee reports. 


You can view time cards for your employees within the Time Card screen by clicking the PayGo’Clock button (accessed via the Menu), and then by clicking the View Time Cards button.

If you would like to run a full time card report for a certain pay period date, click the Options button, and then the View Report button. This will open a Report Find search screen.

PayGo Reports

PayGo Reports is where you will find a collection of all available reports for your stores. You can access your PayGo reports in two places: either by clicking the Reports button on your Menu (accessed via your Menu button on each central screen), or by clicking the Reports button on your Admin Central screen. Both of these actions will bring you to the Reports screen, where there is a wide array of reports that can be selected and viewed.

TimeCard Reports

This is where you can view reports on your employee’s timecards. There is only one report in this box.

TimeCard Report: When this button is clicked, you will be taken to a Search Screen where you can search by staff name, staff ID, store ID, pay period start date, or pay period end date. The report will be organized per employee, and will show the pay period, the dates the employee has clocked in, the time start and end per employee shift, what type of job was performed during that shift, and the total time worked. Totals for each employee can be found at the end of each employee’s section. Grand totals can be found at the end of the report.

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