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Quick, accurate and up-to-date access to your store’s reports can be vital when running a business. PayGo makes sure you can easily access and print or save any of your store reports for any period of time, all in easy-to-navigate windows.

This article will cover all of the areas where you can find your store’s Customers reports. 


Central Customers Screen

The easiest place to view your sales report is via your central Customers screen, accessed via the Menu. On this screen, you can view all of your recent Customers Added based on your selected dates, as well as charts outlining your monthly Top Customers, Customer Acquisition Comparisons over last month as well as last year, and Customer Sales on your average number of items sold, and average sale amount.

Reports Per Customer

On each customer’s Customer Screen, you can click the History button at the top of the screen, which will open the customer’s Sales History screen.

PayGo Reports

PayGo Reports is where you will find a collection of all available reports for your stores. You can access your PayGo reports in two places: either by clicking the Reports button on your Menu (accessed via your Menu button on each central screen), or by clicking the Reports button on your Admin Central screen. Both of these actions will bring you to the Reports screen, where there is a wide array of reports that can be selected and viewed.

The Customer Reports section is where you can view collected information about your store’s customers. There are 3 different reports in this box.

Customer List: This is where you can see a list of all of your registered customers. When this button is clicked, you will be taken to a Search Screen where you can set parameters for the search, from state to company to ZIP code, among other choices. The report will show each customer’s name and ID, their phone number, and full address.

Performance by Customer: This is where you can see your sales performance by customer purchases.  When this button is clicked, a pop-up window will ask you to specify which date range you would like to see the report for. When the date range has been selected, another pop-window will ask you if you would like to specify any additional find criteria. If you choose Yes, you will be taken to an advanced Search Screen that will allow you to search with the customers ID, name, address, or date the customer account was created/modified. You will be given the option to sort by totals, margin or quantity sold. You can also choose to omit sales with no data. The report will show the customer’s name and ID, quantity of sales, the total spent in your stores before tax, last and average cost of goods sold, and the last and average cost of margin.

Customer Sales Detail: This is where you can see reports on individual customer sales. When this button is clicked, you will be taken to a Search Screen where you can specify a set of dates to analyze (as well as any other search parameters you may choose). A pop-up window will ask if you would like to include gift certificate sales. The report shows each customer within the date range, with the invoice number and date of each purchase. It also show the name, ID number and quantity of each item purchased, and the pre-tax total of each item.

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