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Credit Card Processing Settings

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Credit Card Processing Settings

Your PayGo software can be easily configured to suit your preferences, from invoice popups to screen selections. Within your Workstation Setup screen, you will find all kinds of ways to make your software suit you! Parameter settings can be set within the Settings tab of your Workstation Setup screen, accessible via your Admin Central screen. This article will cover the parameters set within the Creditcard option. 

Credit Card Parameters

param_cc_alert: This yes/no setting will set whether an alert will be shown on your workstation screen upon approval or denial of a credit card charge.

param_cc_auth_percentage: When authorizing a sale, this field will set the percentage of the total sale

param_cc_buttons: This setting will set whether your workstation will have the option to view both Credit and Debit buttons when making a sale. Enter CD to show both buttons, or leave blank.

param_cc_cloud_token: This is for the workstation token provided to PayGoCC users by Payment Logistics.

param_cc_device_serialnum: This is for the serial number of your credit card processing device.

param_cc_merchant_id: This is for the Merchant ID number provided to PayGoCC users by Payment Logistics.

param_cc_merchant_RP_number: This is for the Vendor ID/Merchant Key for your Payment Logistics account.

param_cc_password: This is for your Payment Logistics user password.

param_cc_signature_pad: This yes/no setting is for whether or not you are using a Payment Logistics compatible signature pad device.

param_cc_testmode: This true/false setting is for whether you are running your credit card transactions in test mode, meaning the transactions will not be charged when in test mode.

param_cc_timeout: This is where you can set the amount of time (in seconds) that PayGo will wait on a credit card request before timing out and cancelling the request.

param_cc_timeout_query_url: This is the URL for sending credit card processing queries to Payment Logistics.

param_cc_tip_request: This yes/no setting will set whether a tip request line will be automatically added to all transactions.

param_cc_type: This is where you will set your credit card processing type.

param_cc_url: This is the address of your server.

param_cc_use_device: This yes/no setting will set whether you’re using a Payment Logistics compatible device.

param_cc_username: This is for your Paygistix Client username.

param_spooler_type: This is for your spooler configuration type. Note: This setting should be used or specified by PayGo staff only.

param_use_paygo_buttons: This yes/no setting will set whether or not you will use the PayGo button values when posting credit card payments.

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