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Creating Custom Marketing Groups for PayGoMC

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Creating Custom Marketing Groups for PayGoMC

3 Steps to Establishing Custom Marketing Fields in PayGo:

  1. In the Customer Screen select the Marketing tab.
  2. Click the Edit Marketing Field Titles to create custom fields that you can link to your Mailchimp account.
  3. The 5 fields in the left column of your Customer Screen are the ones that can be used to further segment your customers in Mailchimp. Edit your fields accordingly.

PayGo 6 POS Customer Screen Marketing Custom Fields

Once you’ve established your custom marketing fields in PayGo, it’s time to set up matching List fields and Merge tags in Mailchimp.

First, go to your default account in Mailchimp. Then, click on Settings in the top navigation. Select List fields and Merge tabs in the drop-down.

Mailchimp Default Mail LIst Settings DropdownIn the bottom of the List fields and Merge tags screen, you’ll be able to create Custom fields in Mailchimp that match your Marketing fields in PayGo.

Add a Custom field in Mailchimp.

First, click the Add A Field button.

Mailchimp Select a field type to add

Then, select Text as the type of field to add.

Next, enter the text that will match what you have in your PayGo POS software’s Marketing field.

Mailchimp adding Custom1 field

For this example, I’ve entered Designer. Across from Designer, I’ve entered Custom1. Entering Custom1 matches the field that I’m creating in Mailchimp with the one I’ve created in PayGo.

You can create up to 5 additional fields that will link your PayGo and Mailchimp data. To match what I have entered into PayGo, after Designer I have added Color. Across from color, CUSTOM2. Then Denim Brand and across from it CUSTOM3, and so on.

Mailchimp List Fields and Merge TagsNow, when looking at the email list, Designer, Color, Denim Brand, etc. are across the top of the email list.

Mailchimp Default Mailing List

Why create all of these fields? To better segment your list and connect with your customers by providing them with information they care about.

You can create a new segment in Mailchimp by following these steps:

First, click on New Segment.

Create a New Segment in Mailchimp

Doing so will bring up the following screen:

Mailchimp Create a Segment ScreenClick on the drop-down on the left. In the image above it is defaulted to “Email Marketing Status.”

Mailchimp Create a Segment Select a Merge Field

The list shown when clicking on the drop-down will include the Custom fields that you have created. For this example, I am selecting “Designer” from the drop-down list. Then, I am going to look for any customer on my list whose designer of choice is Kate Spade.

Mailchimp Marketing Segment Designer is Kate Spade

Mailchimp generates a list based on the criteria provided.

Mailchimp creating a segment using PayGo marketing information

Click the Save Segment button and market away.

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