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Creating Coupon Codes and Online Discounts for PayGoCart

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Customer discounts are an excellent way to increase your online sales, and PayGo makes it easy to create and utilize coupon codes and discounts online. In your PayGo software, coupons can be created, given a code and applied just as easily as they would in your brick-and-mortar shops. 

Creating a New Online Coupon

To create a new coupon, click the New Product button on your central Products screen. This will take you to the Inventory Quick Add Screen. In the Item Information box at the top  of the screen, there is an Inventory Type drop-down field. Click on this and select Coupon. This will take you to the PayGoCart Product screen for your coupon.

For more information on adding inventory to your PayGoCart site, see Adding Items to PayGoCart.

PayGo Item Information and Item Identity

At the top of the screen under PayGo Item Information, you can set your coupon’s Item Name, as well as the Inventory Type (which will already be set to Coupon). Under PayGo Item Identity, you can set your coupon’s Department, Class and Category.

WooCommerce Data 

This is where you will add parameters and restrictions for your online coupon. You will see two tabs for this information.

Coupon Info Tab

WooCommerce ID – This is an automatically-generated ID number for your coupon, that is displayed in the top right corner of your box.

Coupon Code – This is where you will create the coupon’s online code. This code is what your customers will enter during checkout in the payment section of your online store.

Amount ($ or %) – This is where you will enter the numerical value of the coupon you are creating. You will choose whether this numerical value is a dollar amount or percentage off in the Type field.

Type – This is a drop-down field where you will be able to choose whether your coupon is a certain percentage off, a fixed amount off of the customer’s entire cart, or a fixed amount off of a single product.

Description – This is where you will add a brief description of the coupon you’re creating.

Usage Count – This is where you can set how many times this coupon can be used.

Expires On – This is where you can enter an expiration date for this coupon.

Individual Use – This is a box you can check to make the coupon for individual use only.

# of Times Usable – This is where you can set how many times a customer can use the coupon.

Limit Per Customer – This is where you can set an item limit per customer.

Exclude on Sale Items – This is a box you can check to exclude the coupon’s use on sale items.

Min Order – This is where you can set the minimum amount required for a customer to use the coupon.

Max Order Amount – This is where you can set the maximum amount required for a customer to use the coupon.

Categories Tab

The Categories tab is where you can choose to include or exclude certain categories from your online store for use with this coupon. There are ten fields for each. You set categories when you are setting up your departments.

When you are finished entering all information, click the Add/Update button at the top of the screen. This will save your changes and apply them to your online store as well.

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