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Creating a Package Discount

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Creating a Package Discount

Do you have certain items that you want to offer a discount for if your customer buys in bulk?  Then this discount is right for you! The Package discount allows you to set a discount for customers when they buy a certain amount of a single product.  For instance, if you sell quilting squares that are normally $5 apiece and would like to make a deal that would allow your customers to buy five for $20, then the Package discount will allow you to do so. 

Setting up a Package Discount

To set up a package discount, you must access your Admin Central screen via the Menu. Click the Discount and Pricing Programs button. This will take you to the Discount Program List screen.

In the Discount Program List screen, click the New button at the top of the screen. This will open the Discount Program Setup screen. You will see the Rule Setup box on this screen, which is where you will set all the parameters of your new discount.

You can name the discount you’re creating in the Discount Name field, as well as the Start Date and End Date and any relevant Notes you’d like to add. Below these fields you will see a box titled Discount Program Type, where you will choose the Package option.

Below and to the right of that box, there is another box titled Package Discount Rules. In this box, you can define the Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity your customers would have to buy of the item in order to get the discount, as well as the Unit Price.

This box also contains a note that reads: “Inventory must be assigned to a package discount rule to be active. This can be set under the Pricing tab in the Inventory Screen.” What this means is, after this discount has been set up you will be able to apply it to individual items, and it can be accessed under the Pricing tab in the Inventory screen.

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