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Consignment Central

There’s nothing more wonderful than local businesses supporting local creators. With that in mind, PayGo allows you to keep track of all things consignment, from consignor payments to inventory management.

Your central Consignment screen can be accessed at any time via the Menu button, but all of your consignment inventory and consignor information can be accessed in the same way as your regular inventory and vendor information. 

Central Consignment Screen

Click on an area of the screen to view more information.

Central Consignment Screen
Menu Button Show Unpaid Consignment Sales New Consignment Item List Consignment Items Export Checks Overview Tab Payments Tab Settings Tab Consignment Overview Dates Overview Active Consignors Box

Menu Button

This is where you can access all of your central screens, as well as PayGo’Clock and Admin Central. Clicking the Plus button next to each screen will open a new entry screen within that topic. Clicking the Magnifying Glass button next to each screen will open a search screen within that topic.

Show Unpaid Consignment Sales

Clicking this button will open your Consignor Pay Review screen. On this screen, you can view all information on your unpaid consignor payments, including your consignment rates. This screen is also where you can set and print checks for your consignors.

New Consignment Item

Clicking this will open the Consignment Inventory screen, where you can add your new consignment item.

For more information on adding consignment inventory, see Adding Consignment Inventory.

List Consignment Items

Clicking this button will open your Consignment List screen, where you can view all consignment items within your PayGo software.

Export Checks

Clicking this will open your Consignor Check List screen, where you can view and print checks for your consignors.

Overview Tab

Payments Tab

Clicking this tab will show you all payments you’ve made to your consignors within your selected dates. This tab is organized by Consignor name, the Invoice Number on your consignor payment, the Item that was sold, the Date and the Amount Payable on the invoice.

You can click the Magnifying Glass icon next to the Consignor name to view the consignor’s Vendor/Consignor/Manufacturer Entry screen, or click the Magnifying Glass icon next to the Invoice number to view the invoice for that transaction.

If you have already made a payment on the item sold, this tab will also show you the Amount and Date paid, as well as your Check Number. You can void payment records in this tab by clicking the Void button at the end of each line item. Note: When the Void button is clicked, you will be asked if you’d like to cancel the payout for the consignment, or void out the entire transaction. This cannot be undone.

For more information on consignor payments, see Paying Your Consignors.

Settings Tab

This tab is where you can set an “expiration date” for your consignment items and check for any expired inventory. You can also include your Consignor Contract in this tab.

If you use PayGo Consign, this tab is where you will set your PayGo Consign Product Portal information and settings. For more information on this feature, see PayGo Consign.

Consignment Overview Dates

This is where you can set dates for viewing information in your Overview and Active Consignors boxes. You can either select specific dates in the Start Date and End Date fields, or click the Day, Week or Month buttons to view information for your current day, week or month. The dates you select will be applied in both the Overview and Payments tabs.


This area will show an overview of your consignment sales information based on your selected dates. This will show your total sales, prices and payments for your consignment items and consignors.

Active Consignors Box

This is where you can see all of your active consignors based on your selected dates, as well as their basic contact information and sales information. Clicking the Magnifying Glass icon will open the Vendors/Consignors/Manufacturers Entry screen for that consignor.

For more information on consignors, see Adding New Consignors to PayGo.

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