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Considerations for PayGoMC Marketing Standards

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Considerations for PayGoMC Marketing Standards

PayGo MC uses MailChimp integration to provide customizable automated marketing solutions for your clientele. Your marketing categories can be set within your Customer screen, but before your categories are set it’s worth establishing some standards and goals for your PayGoMC account.

For information on setting up and using PayGoMC, see Using PayGoMC, PayGo’s Integration with MailChimp.

Establish your Marketing Goals

Before you set up your custom fields, first establish a cohesive idea of what you’d like your marketing campaigns to accomplish. Would you like to set reminders for existing customers? Would you like to introduce new ideas and products to customers who have bought a certain type or brand? Would you like to send out coupons, sale information and deals to your customers? Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one, but it’s good to know what you’d like to accomplish before you start editing and creating.

Creating Marketing Field Titles

Marketing titles and fields can be created and edited in the Marketing tab of your Customer Screen. You have five field titles to customize, and each title has four fields to elaborate upon. For instance, if you are a pet shop and would like to create fields for a customer’s pet needs, you can create one marketing titles for Dogs and use the fields to enter the customer’s dog names or breeds, and another with marketing titles for Cats. These marketing fields can be utilized in MailChimp for targeted marketing to specifically the cat or dog owners that shop in your store.

Utilizing Customer Record Types

In the Customer tab of your Workstation Setup screen (accessed via the Admin Central button on your Menu), you can set customer types. This can be set according to customer activity (such as Active or Inactive customers), marketing groups (such as brand preferences or shopping types) or whatever would suit your marketing needs best.

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