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Considerations for Label Standards

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Considerations for Label Standards

Inventory labels are irreplacable, but they have a weakness – they typically have a very limited space to print on. If you’re not careful, you could end up overcrowding the labels, losing important information, or leaving off words entirely. It’s a good idea to experiment with label types and layouts in order to find which type and layout works best for your brand.

For instance, how much space do you have to print out the item’s name, department or variation? If you don’t have enough room to print out an entire name, prioritize what parts of the item’s characteristics are important. For instance, if you were to stock two of the same items in a different color, you may want to be sure to choose a setup in your inventory screen and labels that will print out both the item’s name as well as the specific color of the item in question. 

Setting a Default Label Type

If there’s a specific type of label you prefer as the default label for your store, you can set it as a default label type within your Workstation Setup screen, accessed via your Admin Central. In the Inventory tab, option #3 allows you to select a default label type for all of your new inventory. You can choose from Bolt, Butterfly, Rectangle, Split, or Skinny labels, as well as preset Avery labels and your own Custom label. You can also set Don’t Print for your label choice if you’d rather use manufacturer’s labels or keep your inventory unlabeled.

Note: setting the default label type will not affect label type for inventory you’ve already added to your software.

Changing Label Types in the Product Screen

If you’re adding a product that needs a different type of label than your default, you can set the label type in your product’s Product Screen. On the right side of your screen, you’ll see a drop-down menu for label type in the Labels area. If you’d like to print out your new label, click the Printer icon next to the drop-down field.

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