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Closing Out a Till

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Closing Out a Till

Closing out and posting a till is fast and simple. When you post a till in your PayGo software, you have options to record as much or as little information as you would like, while still getting through the till posting procedure quickly so you can get on with your day. 

Closing a Till

To close out a till at the end of a day or shift, click the Arrow icon next to the till you’re closing in the Active Tills box on the right side of your central Sales screen, accessed by the Menu. This will take you to the Till Closing Screen. This screen is organized by the till’s Create DateTill ID, all Currency or Payment Method(s)that you accept in your store, PayGo Till TotalsYour Counted Till Totals, the currency/payment method Starting Amount and the Difference between the two figures.

Your sales will be shown in the PayGo Till Totals column, sorted by payment method. You can enter your Counted Till Totals in the field next to each payment method. If there were no errors, the Difference column should add up to $0.00. When all totals have been counted, click the Post Till button. A pop-up window will ask if you’re sure you want to post the till. Click Post to continue. This will open the Post Till screen. On this screen, you can enter things about the day’s sales, such as Till Notes, General Notes and Weather Conditions. The Till ID, Sales Person, and Workstation ID will be automatically filled in. When you’ve entered all relevant information, click the Post Till button. A series of pop-up windows will ask if you would like to print out a Payment Detail report, and then a Till X report. you can either Print or Skip these report options. When you have gone through these printing options, your till will be closed out.

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