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Back Office Workstation Screen

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PayGo’s Back Office workstation screen brings you ultimate functionality without losing any of the features you already love! Your Back Office screen allows you to create quotes and sales from a detail-oriented screen and easily switch quotes and orders to order fulfillment.

This screen is geared more towards online and mail order fulfillment. It’s heavier on detail and data entry boxes than the other screens, as it includes shipping and billing information, notes on the order, and information on your profit margin.

Back Office Workstation Screen

Click on an area of the screen to view more information.

Back Office Workstation Screen
Find and Add Inventory Move to Other Close Return Open Invoices New Quote Print/Email Pay Open Order Sale ID Number Add Customer Ship to/Bill to Frequent Buyer Tab Order Information Order Data Add Items to Sale Invoice Totals

Find and Add Inventory

These buttons will allow you to search for inventory, or add new inventory items to your quote.

For more information on adding inventory to your PayGo software, see Adding Inventory to PayGo with the Inventory Quick Add Screen. 

Move to Other

If you have selected any items to your sale that you would like added to a new invoice for the same customer, select the items by checking the box at the end of each line item and click the Move to Other button.

Clicking this button will give you the option to remove the items you've added to the invoice and then Move them onto a new invoice, or to Copy the items to a new invoice while leaving the items on your current screen.

The new invoice you create through this process will have identical information to your current sale, including the customer, shipping and notes. The ID number for the new invoice will be the ID number of your current sale, followed by a decimal.


This will close your current screen and return to your central Sale screen. Your sale or quote will be saved, even if you haven't added any information to the screen. You can find the quote or sale again by it's ID number in the top right corner of the screen.


Similar to the return function on the Oneshot workstation screen, clicking the Return button on your Back Office invoice will open the Returns window.

For more information, see Performing a Return.

Open Invoices

Clicking the Open Invoices button will open your Invoice List screen, where you can view all currently open invoices within your software.

New Quote

Clicking this will open a new blank quote. Your current quote will be saved.


Clicking this will allow you to save, print or email your current quote. This will function whether your sale is open or closed.


Clicking this will open your Payment screen, where you can process customer payment on the sale.

Open Order

Clicking the Open Order button will change your current quote to an Open Order, allowing you to fulfill and ship the order.

For more information on fulfilling orders, see Online Order Fulfillment.

Sale ID Number

This is your quote or sale's ID number, and can be used to search for the sale after it's been closed or filled.

Add Customer

This area is where you can add a customer to your quote. You can search for existing clients or create new clients by clicking the New button.

For more information on adding customers, see Customer Accounts.

Ship to/Bill to

This is where you can add shipping and billing information for your customer. If your customer has their billing and shipping information saved in their Customer Account, the information will be automatically added when the customer is added to the quote.

Frequent Buyer Tab

The Frequent Buyer tab is where you can view your customer's Frequent Buyer information.

For more information on building and implementing a Frequent Buyer program within your stores, see How to Create Loyalty Programs (aka Frequent Buyer Programs) in PayGo.

Order Information

This is where you can add notes and information regarding the order. Customer notes or Lead Time/Deliver By notes will be able to be viewed by the customer, but Internal notes will only be viewable within your PayGo software.

Order Data

This is where you can view and add information about the order such as Customer PO (purchase order) number, the quote's payment Terms, and set printing and salesperson information for the quote.

Add Items to Sale

This is where you can add items to your quote or sale. Searching in the Add Item to Quote box will allow you to search your inventory and select items to add. Items added in this area can be removed, selected, discounted or taxed as your sale requires.

For more information on these functions, see Making a Sale.

Invoice Totals

This is where you can see the invoice sales totals, including any applicable shipping or taxes.

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