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Adjusting Taxes Within a Sale

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Adjusting Taxes Within a Sale

Sometimes you must adjust or modify sales taxes applied during an open sale. Luckily, this can be changed without even leaving your sale!

To adjust the taxation on a sale, you must first open the sale and ring up the items you will be changing taxes for in your Sale Screen. Select the items to adjust by checking the box at the end of each line item or clicking the Select All button above the invoice list to select each item. When your items are selected, you will see a Tax button appear above the invoice list.

Clicking the Tax button will open a Modify Taxes sub-menu. On this menu, you will see your pre-defined tax profiles as set in your Company Settings (typically labeled City Tax and State Tax, but this depends on your profile), where you can select T (taxed) or N (not taxed) for each. You will also see an option for Tax 3, which is where you could add a currently undefined tax. If you choose Tax 3, be sure to set the taxation amount as a decimal; for instance, if you were to set a 3% tax it would be expressed as .03 in the field. 

Below these tax profiles, you will also see a drop-down menu where you can choose a specific tax profile to be used for the sale as set in your Company Settings.

When you are finished adjusting your taxation, click Continue. Your Sales Screen invoice will reflect your changes.

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