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Adding Warranties and Serial Numbers to an Invoice

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Adding Warranties and Serial Numbers to an Invoice

Warranties and serial numbers are an excellent way of showing your customers that you’re there for them, even after they’ve purchased their product. You can easily add warranties and serial numbers to a product and customer invoice to earn your customer’s faith in your service!

Adding A Serial Number and Warranty to an Invoice

If you are tracking serial numbers but haven’t added each serial number in via the Product Screen, you can add serial numbers when the item is added to an invoice. Similarly, if you would like to add a warranty to an item but it hasn’t been specified on the Inventory Screen, you can do so while adding the item’s serial number to the invoice. 

Note: In order to sell an item with a serial number, the customer purchasing the item must be in your Customer Accounts. For more information on how to add and utilize your customer accounts feature, see Customer Accounts.

When the serialized item has been added to the item but no serial numbers have been previously specified, you will receive a pop-up window warning you that there are no serialized items available. Click the Add One button, which will open the Serial Numbered Item screen. You will be able to add the item’s serial number in the Serial Number field. The fields for the Item Name, Model Number, Manufacturer, SKU, Date Manufactured and Cost may or may not be filled in, depending on whether they have already been entered into the item’s Product Screen. The Sold Date field will be filled in automatically when the invoice is posted.

When an item has a serial number assigned to it, it will show up with a small orange Icon to the left of the Item Name on the invoice. when you hover over this icon, a pop-up will show you the Serial Number ID.

If you will be using a warranty that you have previously set up in the item’s Product Screen, select the one you would like to use by clicking the Set button to the right of the warranty line you would like to utilize.

If you will be adding a new warranty to the item, specify the type of warranty you will be extending (lifetime, limited, etc.) in the Warranty Type field next to the Sold Date field in the Serial Numbered Item screen. You can specify how long the warranty will be active in the Length field, which can be specified as a number of Days, Months, Years, Weeks or if you’re offering a Lifetime warranty in the drop-down field to the right of the Length field. Alternately, if you want the warranty to expire on a certain date instead of a length of time, you can enter the date in the Expires field.

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