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Adding New Payment Buttons to the Invoice Screen

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PayGo is the flexible POS, and that means we like to make sure your point-of-sale software works for your unique store setup. To that end, we’ve made it simple to add payment types to your invoice and sales screen, without having to go through a bunch of complicated steps to do so. Read on to learn how to add a new payment button to your Invoice screen!

NOTE: The new payment button will not show up on your Till if you’ve already created the till for the day.  

To add buttons to your Invoice screen, you’ll have to access your Company Setup screen.

PayGo 6.0: Click the Admin Central button on your Menu, which will take you to the Admin & Settings screen. From there, you can click the Company Setup button at the top of your screen. This will open the Company Setup screen.

PayGo 5.9: Click the Settings & Options on your Menu Screen. This will open a sub-menu, where you can click the Company button. This will open the Company Setup screen.

PayGo 5.6 and Below: Click the Company Setup on your Menu Screen.

In Company Setup, click the Currency Setup tab.

This will show you a list of Currency Values already entered in your PayGo software. Scroll to the bottom of the list, where you will see a new line for entering your payment method.

Name: The name of the payment you are adding. This is what will show on the new button on your Invoice screen.

Value: The new payment’s monetary value, based on your defined government currency. If the payment method you’re adding doesn’t have a set monetary value (such as a credit card or gift certificate) leave this field blank. When the payment type is used in your Invoice screen, you will be able to add the value to the invoice manually.

PMT (payment) Method: Checking this box will create a button for your payment type on the Invoice screen. Unchecking any of the boxes will remove the button.

Acct: This field is for a payment account, and can be left blank.

Sort: This will define the numerical order of the payment button on your Invoice screen. There are 14 spaces available for buttons. You can use decimals to place a button in between others (for example, 3.5 would place a button between the buttons ordered #3 and #4).

Type: This is where you can set the type of currency you’re adding. You can choose from the following: CreditCard, Redeem GC (gift certificate), Redeem Credit, Issue Credit, and Other. You can add a currency type by clicking Edit.

If you’d like to remove a payment type from this list, click the Trash icon between the Sort and Type columns.

When you are finished entering all values, click the Close button. This will bring you back to the Admin & Settings screen and your values will be saved.

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