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Adding Customer Accounts to PayGoMC

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Adding Customer Accounts to PayGoMC

There are two ways you can add customers to PayGo MC, so that they connect to your default Mailchimp mailing list.
  1. When you’re adding a customer to a sale make sure to enter their valid email address in the Information Tab of your Customer Entry screen. Then, go about completing the sale as normal. When you post the sale, PayGo will automatically add/update the customer on your default mailing list.
  2. Click on Customers in PayGo’s drop-down menu. PayGo 6 POS Menu CustomersAfter selecting Customers, you will see a list of your customers. PayGo 6 POS Customers Screen ListClick on the Customer Record you would like to add to your Mailchimp account. PayGo 6 POS Customer Screen MailChimp Email Entry
Regardless of which way you access your customer’s record, on the Customer Entry screen, you will that there is a Mailchimp button at the top center of it. If the customer is not on your mailing list, you’ll see a Subscribe button. Click Subscribe and they will be added to your default mailing list in Mailchimp. MailChimp Subscribe Button in PayGo POS If the customer is on your default mailing list, you’ll see an Unsubscribe button. Mailchimp Unsubscribe Button in PayGo POS On the Customer Entry screen, you will see that there is a Mailchimp button.

Need to Remove a Customer from PayGo MC?

Once you’ve accessed your customer’s Customer Entry screen, click the Unsubscribe button at the top of the screen. The customer will be removed from all future Mailchimp marketing campaigns. Using Mailchimp, you can set up automatic marketing campaigns, and templates. Need help with this? Check out PayGo’s Automated Marketing Service.

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