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Adding an Additional Site or Store to your PayGo Software

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As your company expands, Your PayGo software will expand with you. Within the Stores/Sites tab of your Company Setup screen, you can name and add your new location in seconds!

To add a new store, click the Company Setup button on your Admin & Settings screen, accessed via the Menu.

Within the Company Setup screen, select the Sites/Stores tab. Click the Plus button on the right side of the screen. This will add a new line within the Stores box in this tab, where you can add your new Store ID, Store Name, Address and Phone number. Your information will be saved when you close the Company Setup screen.

How do I log in under my new Store ID?

When you set up a new Workstation for your new location, set the Store ID to your new store’s ID number. All new information added on this workstation will be automatically added under your new location.

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