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Adding a Warranty to a Product

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A customer’s peace of mind and faith in your store is worth it’s weight in gold, and an excellent way to reassure your customers is by adding warranties to the products you sell. PayGo has built-in warranty and serial number tracking, so you can easily reassure your customers that your service is just as good as your product!

Note: Did you know you can also add serial numbers for better product tracking? For more information, see  Creating Serial Numbers for Products.

You can add warranties to an item either via the Serial Numbered Item screen within the Serial Numbers tab as explained above, or via the Item Details tab in the item’s Product Screen.

Within the Item Details tab, you will be working within the Warranty Information box to the bottom right of the screen. You can add up to three different warranty types.

Note: if you add more than one type of warranty for the item, you will be able to select which one will apply when the item is being sold via the Serial Numbered Item screen that will pop up when the item is added to an invoice. Clicking Set at the end of the warranty line you would like to use will select that warranty for the invoice.

To add a warranty, click the Y in the Warranty? field. If you would like to specify a length of time for the warranty to be in effect, type the number you would like in the (number) field, and then select Day, Month, Year, Week or Lifetime in the Factor field. You can also specify the warranty Type (lifetime, limited, etc.) in the provided field.

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