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Just in Time! PayGo Upgrades Its Physical Inventory Tool. Welcome FancyFree 5.5

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It’s been a wonderful, hectic, holiday season. Hopefully one full of cheer for you and yours. In just a few days, it will be time to do inventory. Several of our customers have taken advantage of our Physical Inventory Hands-On Help. If you think you may need some assistance, we do have a couple of time-slots available ($229).

Our development team just completed an update to FancyFree, a physical inventory tool that can help you oodles now and all the year round. With it you can Save Money, Make Time, and Increase Accuracy with our Spreadsheet-Free solution: FancyFree! It frees you up from your desk to make doing physical-inventory a breeze:

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a physical inventory-managing machine with PayGo’s FancyFree App. With it you can check-in, search, view, and adjust your store’s inventory. Its simplicity turns inventory into a FancyFree task. For a full overview of FancyFree, click here.

FancyFree’s handiest end-of-year physical inventory counting feature is Scan & Count.

Scan & Count Inventory

PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Scan and Count Screen

Scan and Count. It really is that easy. Scan the barcode or search any item in your inventory. You’ll then be prompted to enter a number. Once the number is entered, press done. Scan. Count. Enter a number. Press Done. Repeat. Count the same item in multiple locations and multiple items in the same location. FancyFree is flexible like that.

FancyFree is just $199! If you’ve purchased Physical Inventory Hands-On Help ($229) or if you have an earlier version of FancyFree, you can purchase FancyFree 5.5 for $49. Ready to get started? Call 866.545.7047 ext. 1 or email




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