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It’s Time to Start Emailing Receipts with PayGo EM

Paper Receipts

The Paper Receipt Problem

What do you do with your receipts? Most of mine reside at the bottom of my tote until I get sick of digging through them to find my keys. Then, they go into the recycling bin.

Paper Receipts

Sometimes when I’m asked by the sales clerk, or cashier if I want my receipt, I say no. Then, I hope that they have a recycling bin and aren’t just adding the wasted paper to a landfill. How about you?

Sure, there are times that I’d like to reference my receipts. Yet, there’s no way that I have time to sort through and organize more little pieces of paper. If I had access to them online, I would have a look at them. Now that I think about it, that may be a reason to shop online despite being pro shopping local.

Solution: Start Emailing Receipts

As an independent retailer you can save trees, money, and help your customers out by emailing receipts with PayGo EM.
Why email out digital receipts?

  • Keep your customer happy and your customer’s wallet, tote, or purse clutter-free.
  • Improve your customer list for future marketing. You can even use PayGo to automate your marketing. For details click here.
  • Give your customers more on the receipt than your store’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Make it easy for them to follow you on social media by having links to your Facebook, Instagram, and more on the email receipt.
  • Save money on receipt rolls, printers, and ink.
  • Be good to the environment. According to Green America, “Every year in the United States, receipts use 10 million trees, 21 billion gallons of water and generate 686 million pounds of waste and 12 billion pounds of CO2.”

Digital Receipt

Ready to ditch the paper receipt slips? Contact PayGo’s Sales Team by emailing or calling 866.545.7047 ext. 1.
In addition to ridding your store of paper receipts, PayGo EM allows you to send out quotes, sell classes, and send class reminders. Click here for more details.

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