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Marketing Monday: Make Instagram Work for You With These 6 Hacks!

Everyone is on Instagram. Your kids and grandkids are. Your old high school teacher is. Even your dog trainer’s cousin’s niece’s first boyfriend’s dentist’s college roommate is.  It’s considered to be one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world, with over 500 million monthly users and over 40 billion images shared so far (with an average of 95 million photos shared PER DAY). So why aren’t you using it to build your business? “Because I don’t know how!” You may be shouting at your screen if you’re the melodramatic type and (hopefully) not in public. Well, that’s why we’re here!

1. Put your brand front-and-center

You want to make sure you can be easily found. Keep your username as close to your store name as possible and make sure your bio clearly states who you are. Post lots of pictures of your store and your stock, or anything else that will make you readily identifiable to your customers.

2. Be social

Linking, liking, geotagging (showing others where you are) and commenting on other users and posts can increase your visibility. You can also “mention” others, be it employees, customers, or other companies, by using @(username). Just like SEO, backlinks and high online visibility do a lot to bring in more customers.

3. Make it lovely

People love pretty things, right? And here’s a happy coincidence, you sell many beautiful things! So make sure all of your images and videos are high-resolution with good lighting, and really showcase who you are and what you do. Let people see how gorgeous your store, your stock and your staff is!

4. Work your hashtags

Hashtags (which is fancy talk for keywords with a pound sign) were created in order to make images and posts more searchable, and not just an excuse for teenagers to confuse their parents. It’s a good rule to use 3-4 relevant hashtags per image, and bonus points if you search to see what types of hashtags are trending at the time and work them into your post.

5. Show off your fun and creative side

Developing a brand is about more than just your products. Yes, people come for your stuff, but they stay for your atmosphere. Do you have fun employees? Post about them! What about your in-store contests? Upcoming brand ideas? G-rated (or not, depending on your vibe) limericks? Let your shoppers know!

6. Involve your customers in the experience

People (especially Millennials) like to see real-world applications and testimonials from other shoppers. So show off a little! Encourage your customers to post images of themselves with your products, because everybody loves that personal touch.

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