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Important Credit Card Integration News

Note: If you currently use Payment Logistics to process your credit card transactions you can disregard this notice. 

Most of our PayGo customers have received a notice from It has stated the following:

During a system scan, we noticed that your website or payment solution is using the HTTP GET method when submitting your transaction requests to

Because HTTP GET methods do not adhere to current TLS protection requirements, Authorize.Net will not allow HTTP GET methods for transaction requests…We recommend that you immediately update your code to use the HTTP POST method instead.

Any transaction request submitted using HTTP GET will be rejected.

The first deadline gave for making the switch was June 30th. They have extended the deadline to July 30th. We do not anticipate any further extensions.

If you are using in PayGo, you will no longer be able to process credit card transactions after July 30th. We are no longer doing updates to PayGo and the gateway.

In November of 2015, PayGo announced its decision to partner with Payment Logistics for credit card integration. We are very excited to be able to offer their Paygistix® solution to our customers.

We recommend working with our trusted payments partner, Payment Logistics, for your merchant account needs; because:

1)   They will eliminate all gateway fees

2)   They eliminate 3rd party vendors to speed up support needs

3)   They have guaranteed to match (or beat) your existing processing rates

Get a PayGo Merchant Account and your EMV Payment Devices

To apply for the PayGo Merchant Account, obtain information on Paygistix or order an EMV payment device, please contact Payment Logistics:

Call 888-572-9564 Sales Code 1423

OR e-mail

OR visit

Note: If you’d like to stay with your current merchant services provider they must be able to support First Data, TSYS, TSYS Bridge Connection, or Heartland. Use of Paygistix requires a PC somewhere in your network environment that Paygistix software can be installed on.


To integrate PayGo with Paygistix, you will need Paygistix running on ONE Windows-based computer located on your local area network. (LAN)

For Macintosh-based users, you will be able to utilize the Paygistix client running independently on Windows, but at this time, Paygistix itself cannot run ON a Macintosh computer. An option to use Paygistix without Windows is in the works and should be completed in the near future. We will have a couple of suggested Windows-based computer options to notify you of in the very near future that cost less than $200.

PayGo is a solution provider for independent retailers based in Rochester, Minnesota. Our primary focus is on point of sale / retail management software. We also offer a Merchant Account integration, a WooCommerce integration, Digital Marketing Services, and more.