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How to handle change in retail and in life | PayGo POS

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Now and again members of PayGo’s staff wrench themselves from their computer screens and get social. Yesterday, a couple of us attended an Entrepreneurial Bridge conference. The big question attendees had gathered to discuss: How do successful leaders prepare for and respond to change?


In the retail industry, we never have to confront change, so maybe we should have stayed in the office in the cozy glow of our screens. If only, right?

As a point of sale software company for independent retailers and restaurateurs, we have had a front row seat to retail’s whirlwind of change. Technology, market crashes and recoveries, and trends have all had an impact on retail.

Famous Dave himself gave an inspiring talk, “How I Turned My Backyard Grill into a $500 Million Restaurant Empire.” During it, he said, “Life is about change. You can’t achieve your greatest dreams being the person you are right now.”

Famous Dave
Dave Anderson, Owner of Famous Dave’s

Maybe all of the changes retail has been through in the past decade, or two, will take it to new heights. Retail could become something greater and more significant than it has ever been. Shoppers are now seeking community and experiences as they shop. Who better to provide that than a local spot? Independently owned stores, cafes, and restaurants have more ways to let their customers know how much they’re valued than ever before. Using automated tools, they can also reach them more efficiently.


“Would you like to know the secret to unlimited success?” Dave asked the crowd toward the end of his speech. I believe most of us said yes. “Problems.” We may moan about the problems, ask for them to be taken away, yet for the entrepreneur problems are needed. Without them, there’s nothing to fix, or solve in the marketplace. “Accept more responsibility of the problems,” Dave said.

How many more problems can you solve?

Other bits of Dave wisdom that were worth writing down:

    • Do Personal Research and Development each day.
    • Training is giving them (employees) hope that they can succeed.
    • Instead of writing down 100 things you dream of doing or being, Dave recommends writing down 100 of the best of the best things you could be.
    • View your car as a university on wheels.
    • Figure out how your business relates to a lifestyle. As he expounded on the thought, he shared that it’s about being something to help fulfill happiness and something that helps someone achieve a lifestyle.
    • Live every day creating value. Give more than expected.

We owe a huge thanks to the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation for inviting us to attend their Entrepreneurial Bridge event. It was held at the Hormel Historic Home in Austin, Minnesota. The event was a gathering of leaders in the entrepreneurial community and student entrepreneurs.

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