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Get Your Kicks with PayGo 6

New Look. More Power. Introducing PayGo 6.

Looks aren’t everything. Yet, would you rather enjoy an ocean view with pristine beaches, or a littered landscape overlooking a mud pit? Here at PayGo HQ, we took a gamble and chose to go with the former for our customers. We’ve eliminated the clutter from the interface in favor of simplicity. Now it’s easier than ever before to move from task to task within PayGo’s point-of-sale software.


PayGo New Look

PayGo Central

PayGo Central Screens are informative action spots where you can get a captain’s view of  your store. View what matters with simplicity. There are central screens for top sellers, best performing vendors and customers, class registration, and more.

Sales Central

Customer Central

Product Central

Purchase Order Central

Vendor Central

Events Central

Consignment Central

Admin Central

Graph o Matic

Simple color-coded shapes are easier and more enjoyable to view than tedious lines of tiny digits that go on and on like your cousin Phil at family gatherings. Could someone just get to the point already so we know whether to laugh, or cry? PayGo can. That’s why PayGo 6 is loaded with charts and graphs that look cool and provide you with quick, easy information on how your store is doing.

PayGo Display (Coming Soon)

PayGo Display

PayGo Display turns your iPad into a marketing tool. With it you can use checkout time to tell your customers about upcoming sales and events going on at your store. They’ll appreciate being in the know and seeing what is being rung up on the register. Customers can even enter in their email address with the display, so you don’t have to try typing in without error.

Get the demo!

You can give it a run by getting a demo. You can do that here.