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Get Your Bespoke Software Solution With PayGo Customization

Picture this:

You’re at an upscale function for business-type folks. Pretty food and fancy people abound. You’re schmoozing with the other professionals, drinking business wine and eating corporate casual canapes. Hair and heels are both sky-high. There’s even a chocolate fountain! (that’s how you know it’s classy.)

Somewhere between the cheese course and cheesecake, the conversation turns to work. It’s light, but there’s an element of competition. Beverly’s Salon just upgraded their dryers to some new super-fast, super-dry kind designed by NASA. The doggy daycare has started handing out specialty-branded poo bags to all of their customers. The pizza place downtown just figured out a new way to use pineapple that doesn’t compel people to divide into factions and declare war. Chests puff out. Eyebrows are raised. Begrudging nods are nodded begrudgingly. Eventually, the conversation turns to you. 

This is your time to shine.

You clear your throat and wait for silence.

You just upgraded your point-of-sale software, you say. PayGo helped you do it! You told them how to design a mind-melting feature yourself, to work for every little detail of your business. It was customized by real live human beings to fit your exact specifications. It’s…


There are gasps from the crowd. “Bespoke” is a game-changer. It’s fancy and exotic, like French cheese. People are impressed. It’s like the sun is shining just for you, right here in the convention center’s ballroom (it might just be a faulty chandelier circuit, but it’s still a nice touch).

You tell the assembled masses, with just a hint of smugness (no shame, you earned it) about your new software features.

Your point-of-sale tracks customer purchases and provides them with supplemental information, automatically, at the time of sale. It connects to a database that is available to your customers 24/7.

Mary of Mary’s Tiki Room fans herself with a corporate sponsorship workshop flyer.

Your software has a customer-facing display with facial recognition that updates in real-time from each of your locations. It remembers past purchases and payment methods, and allows your customers to utilize quick reordering and order customization.

Paul’s Pizzeria mumbles something about mushrooms and trails off awkwardly. 

Your software has a customer quote and purchase order wizard that cuts your back-room time in half. It automatically recommends purchases when you’re running low, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track. You’ve been making it home in time to start dinner. Every night.

There’s a thump at the back of the crowd. Beverly fainted right into the chocolate fountain. That stain is never coming out of the carpet. Someone should probably call an ambulance.

The mayor starts one of those crescendo clapping standing ovations. Someone brings you tiara. It clashes, but you wear it anyways because you don’t want to be weird about it.

PayGo specializes in customizing features for all types of businesses. We’ve been working with customers for over seventeen years to create the perfect solution. It’s how we got our start!

We know you have a unique business with unique needs. Needs that can’t be met with one size fits all, off-the-rack point-of-sale software. Whether your needs are with customer outreach, back room logistics or something so advanced and groundbreaking we haven’t even thought of it yet, we are here to achieve your vision with bespoke software that can fit your business perfectly. 

Are you ready for your bespoke software solution?

Let’s get together! Fill out the form below with all the juicy details about your new customized software for a free consultation! Or if you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 866-545-7047 ext. 1.

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