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Step into the Future with PayGo Customization

We’ve all seen the olde-timey illustrations of the future our great-great grandparents (in conjunction with Hanna-Barbara) had envisioned for us. They expected that by 2020, we’d have flying cars, synthesized food and the continued sustainability of the modern nuclear family’s ability to live off of a single white-collar salary. And, just, so many rings around antennas. By all predictions, we should be living in a peaceful, laser-powered utopia right about now.




The future didn’t quite turn out like we expected it would. Instead of flying cars and irresponsibly tall single-dwelling residences, we have plagues and singing shows. But it’s not all bad. We also have streaming video and waterslides and a socially acceptable way to break up with someone without having to speak to them ever again.

We have videophones, delivery drones and breakfast calzones (I said it and I’m not sorry), but despite those equally important inventions our retail software has remained distressingly non-robotic. But PayGo has the next best thing to a snappy robot assistant (and yes we think we’re being very objective about it),which is: PayGo Customization! We can work with you to customize the perfect POS software solution that will bring your business into the twenty-first century.

What PayGo Can Do for You:

We do not yet have teams of obedient robot waitstaff making our houses sparkling clean, which comes as a huge blow to my rental deposit. But PayGo can help you automate certain day-to-day tasks that you and your human (we assume) staff spend valuable time working on. We can help you set up automated reports, purchase order templates and more. Do you have a special scheduling system? Do you need better customer-tracking methods? We can do that!

We don’t have safe and affordable intergalactic travel. It still takes a year and billions of dollars to get to Mars, which I find personally outrageous. I did not survive the era of the TV Guide channel just to be stuck on Earth. But we do have space-age devices that PayGo can integrate with your existing software! We can work with you to set up peripheral devices that coordinate with your software for whatever you may need them for, like taking customer orders or providing product support.

We don’t have any kind of viable floating vehicles yet, and I think we should be rising up en masse to protest this tragedy. And while PayGo can’t make you a jetpack (or at least that’s what I’m assuming from all of the explosions in Engineering), we can help you keep track of your products and assets. Do you have a complicated inventory system that your current software can’t quite capture? Explain it to us, and we can create a solution that will integrate with your POS software. Do you still keep paper records? Have us add your records to your software!

No matter what the future will bring, PayGo will be here to help keep your retail technology cutting-edge and your business ready for whatever comes next.

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