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Save Money, Make Time, and Increase Accuracy with our Spreadsheet-Free solution: FancyFree! FancyFree is a mobile inventory app that frees you up from your desk to make doing physical-inventory a breeze:

  • Put inventory on the floor faster for customers.
  • Spend more time focusing on customers and less time squinting at spreadsheets.
  • Reduce costly inventory errors.

What’s FancyFree? It’s the Mobile Inventory App You Need!

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a physical inventory-managing machine with PayGo’s FancyFree App. With it you can check-in, search, view, and adjust your store’s inventory. Its simplicity turns inventory into a FancyFree task.

FancyFree Basics

PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Home Screen
  • Connect your smart phone to PayGo with FancyFree
  • Scan barcodes with your smart phone’s camera.
  • Add pictures of your inventory to PayGo with FancyFree.

FancyFree Menu

PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Menu Screen SpotCheck Inventory: See how much of a stock item you have received, adjusted, sold and have on-hand.

Scan & Count: Scan or Search for an item. Count. Enter a number. Repeat.

Receive w/ Scanner: Receive in shipments of inventory using purchase orders.

Store ID: If you are a retailer with multiple store locations, you can select the store you are doing inventory in.

SpotCheck Inventory

PayGo FancyFree 5.5 SpotCheck Inventory Find Item via Scan Screen PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Item Screen PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Adjustment Screen

Scan the barcode or Search your inventory to view real-time information on any item in your inventory. Within FancyFree’s SpotCheck you can add pictures, notes, and make adjustments. Adjustments can be made in 3 easy steps:

  1. Look up the item.
  2. Click Adjust OnHand in the Item Detail.
  3. Enter in the change you want to make.

Scan & Count Inventory

PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Scan and Count Screen

Scan and Count. It really is that easy. Scan the barcode or search any item in your inventory. You’ll then be prompted to enter a number. Once the number is entered, press done. Scan. Count. Enter a number. Press Done. Repeat. Count the same item in multiple locations and multiple items in the same location. FancyFree is flexible like that.

When you’re done, go to PayGo’s Inventory List Adjustment feature. From there you’ll be able to view all of the pending items that have been counted in FancyFree and make the necessary adjustments.

Receive Inventory with Scanner

PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Purchase Order List PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Vendor Product Screen

Scan the barcode of the first item you unpack in a shipment or select an outstanding Purchase Order from your list. Enter the amount received (this defaults to the amount ordered and can be adjusted), then click the arrow to post the item as received. The item is now available and shows on-hand in the system for customers to purchase.


PayGo FancyFree 5.5 Inventory Found Screen When you have to Search for an item instead of scanning it in, you can find it using only a portion of its name. A list will be generated that you can select the correct item from.

Ready to get started with PayGo FancyFree? Let us know! We’ll get you started ASAP. Email, call 866.545.7047 ext. 1, or LiveChat with us. For just $199 you’ll be off and running, footloose and fancy free as you do your inventory!

Built on FileMaker Go 16, which is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 10.2 minimum and requires iTunes 12.x. Requirements: PayGo running on a Mac or PC on your LAN or via WebDirect. More technical specifications can be viewed here: